English Cottages | All The Different Types From Around England

english cottage

There are all sorts of cottages in England, but we’ve picked these as distinct and recognisable types which are popular today as a dwelling or holiday house. Thatched cottages Probably the most quintessentially English type of cottage is the thatched variety. Houses using this ancient method of building roofs with straw (“thatch”) are now much …

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England Rivers: The 20 Most Breathtakingly Gorgeous English Rivers

England Rivers

Here are the finest 20 England rivers for you to explore, from the grandeur of the River Thames to the peaceful upland rivers of Yorkshire (and more). Each of them has something special to offer. The rivers (and canals) of England play an important role in England’s history as a means of transport, and are …

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British Movie Locations: Where Your Favourite Movie Was Made

British Movie Locations

Many of the movies we’ve come to love have done so partly because of the locations in which they’ve been filmed. Here, then, are some of the best of these places, with directions and info on what to do if you visit. Enjoy …. Notting Hill ‘Notting Hill’, the romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and …

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