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The 2018 EnglandExplore Christmas Quiz

Take our Christmas quiz and find out just how much you know of England during the holiday period. Press ‘Start’ to begin:

The EnglandExplore Christmas Quiz

Twenty questions on Christmas and England….

Which British monarch gave the first Christmas day message to the nation?

Which city presents the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree to the people of Britain every year?

What non-edible item do British cooks traditionally put in a Christmas pudding?

Under which shrub do English people traditionally kiss at Christmas?

In which of her homes does the Queen spend Christmas?

In Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” how many ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge?

In what year did Slade’s “Merry Christmas” take the top spot in the UK Christmas charts ?

“Stir-Up Sunday” is traditionally the day on which Christmas puddings are made. When is it?

What sweet Christmas treat was considered a form of idolatry by Puritans during the English Civil War?

Which king of England was crowned on Christmas day?

To whom did Paul McCartney announce his engagement on Christmas Day 1967?

Who made headlines in 1906 by refusing Christmas dinner?

What civic role is pantomime favourite Dick Whittington foretold to hold three times?

From what iconic London store did playwright Noel Coward once purchase a pet alligator as a Christmas gift?

Which Christmas character wore green in Victorian England?

Londoner Tom Smith was reputedly inspired to create what Christmas accessory while stoking a fire?

Which singer switched on the Christmas lights in London’s Oxford Street in 2017?

Which of his plays did Shakespeare write specifically to be performed at Christmas?

What festive attraction is hosted at London’s Somerset House every Christmas?

Turkeys came to Britain in 1526 – but from what country did they originate?

Not bad, but perhaps a Christmas trip to England might be in order (to learn a bit more of England at Xmas)…

Well done! You obviously know a lot about England during the holiday season….

Brilliant! You’re obviously an expert on England during the holiday season….

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