England Quiz 2024 Answers

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What is the full name of the country of which England is a part?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 1

Answer: United Kingdom Of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

Which English county is known as the ‘Garden of England’?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 2

Answer: Kent

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Which city sits at the mouth of the River Wear?

boats, sunderland, harbour

Answer: Sunderland

Which English city is famous for its Roman-built baths?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 3

Answer: Bath

Here’s our post on this lovely city: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Bath, England

What, according to legend, did King Alfred burn?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 4

Answer: Cakes

What are Fleet, Tyburn, Efra and Falconbrook?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 5

Answer: London rivers

The Lake District is located in which English county?

lake district view

Answer: Cumbria

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What started on Pudding Lane in 1666?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 6

Answer: Great Fire Of London

When is St George’s Day (St George is the patron saint of England)?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 7

Answer: 23 April

What is the Cockney Rhyming Slang for kids?

England Quiz 2024 Answers 8

Answer: Dustbin Lids