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Motte And Bailey Castles In England (And The Rest Of The UK)

motte and bailey castles

Motte and bailey castles were introduced to the UK in the 11th century by the invading Normans. Their design originated in Europe in the 10th…

The Castles Of Tudor History

Castles of tudor history

Here are some of the castles involved in the bloody history of the Tudors… The Tudor period was a tumultuous time. England’s aristocratic families were…

Castle Howard | Brideshead Revisited’s Yorkshire Gem

Castle Howard | Brideshead Revisited’s Yorkshire Gem

Set in the rolling countryside of North Yorkshire, magnificent Castle Howard’s roots date back to the 18th century. Here’s our guide: From its grandiose architecture…

English Universities: From the ancient to the modern

English Universities: From the ancient to the modern

England is home to several of the world’s top universities. From the ancient colleges of ‘Oxbridge’ to 20th Century newcomers like Warwick, English universities are…

Lindisfarne Castle: A Rugged Northumberland Gem

lindisfarne, northumberland, castle

Lindisfarne Castle sits atop Beblowe Craig’s volcanic mound, on Holy Island off the Northumberland Coast. In this guide, we delve deeper into the intriguing past…

Oxford Castle | History, Architecture & How To Visit

Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle, located in the historic city of Oxford, England, is a great example of the rich history of the medieval era. Standing for nearly…

Full English Breakfast In London: 19 Great Places To Eat

full english breakfast

How do you find a good full English breakfast in London? And what qualifies as a ‘full English’ anyway? Here’s our guide… What Is A…

Barnard Castle: Imposing Fortress On The River Tees

barnard castle

Here’s our guide to Barnard Castle, an ancient fortress on the River Tees, in County Durham, in the north of England. ‍Barnard Castle History Barnard…

Georgian Architecture | 5 Great Examples Of This Popular Style

Georgian Architecture

What Is Georgian Architecture? The Georgian era relates to the reigns of Georges I to IV from 1714 to 1830, and was a particularly exciting…

English Cathedral Cities | Lincoln, Wells, Canterbury & More

English Cathedral Cities

All of England’s cities contain at least one cathedral. But some cathedrals dominate a city more than others, and these places are often known as…

Things To Do In The Countryside During An English Summer

english countryside in summer

England’s countryside is full of great things to see and do in the summer months. Whatever your tastes, and however active you want to be,…

Amberley Castle | Now A Luxurious West Sussex Hotel

Amberley Castle

Ever wanted to stay in a castle? Well, you can by staying in Amberley Castle in West Sussex – on the south coast of England…