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Georgian Architecture | 5 Great Examples Of This Popular Style

Georgian Architecture

What Is Georgian Architecture? The Georgian era relates to the reigns of Georges I to IV from 1714 to 1830, and was a particularly exciting…

English Cathedral Cities | Lincoln, Wells, Canterbury & More

English Cathedral Cities

All of England’s cities contain at least one cathedral. But some cathedrals dominate a city more than others, and these places are often known as…

Things To Do In The Countryside During An English Summer

english countryside in summer

England’s countryside is full of great things to see and do in the summer months. Whatever your tastes, and however active you want to be,…

Amberley Castle | Now A Luxurious West Sussex Hotel

Amberley Castle

Ever wanted to stay in a castle? Well, you can by staying in Amberley Castle in West Sussex – on the south coast of England…

11 Historic London Churches To Visit


Historic London churches are some of the best showcases of the capital’s history, culture and character. They are places popular with all tourists, regardless of…

Discover The Charm Of Belvoir Castle: A Faux Historical Castle In Eastern England

Discover The Charm Of Belvoir Castle: A Faux Historical Castle In Eastern England

Belvoir Castle is a ‘faux historical’ castle in England’s East Midlands, overlooking several English counties in the picturesque Vale of Belvoir. The current fairytale castle…

Fotheringhay Castle: Richard III & Mary Queen Of Scots

fotheringham castle

Fotheringhay Castle may not be much to look at now, but it was the locations of several important historical events, especially the birthplace of Richard…

3 Days in London: 72-hour Itinerary for the Perfect London Getaway

3 Days in London

If you’re in Britain or anywhere else in Europe, a short trip to London is a must. Being one of the largest cities on earth,…

The English Weather: The Making Of A Local Obsession


What is it about the English that they spend so long discussing their weather? We take a look at what lies behind the national obsession…

9 Great Places To Visit Near London

trip to oxford

London’s a great place to visit, but it would be a shame if you didn’t also grab the chance to see a bit of what…

Hever Castle | Anne Boleyn’s Childhood Home

Castle in Hever

Hever Castle is a beautiful medieval castle located in England and has been called one of the most romantic and picturesque buildings in Europe. Almost everybody who loves…

Tamworth Castle: A Norman Castle With A Saxon History

tamworth castle

A little over 900 years ago, the first Tamworth castle was built overlooking the River Anker where it flows into the River Tame, in what…