British Royal Family Quiz

How well do you know the British Royal Family? Take our quiz to find out.

(Answers Below)

1. Which Prince is also the Earl of Wessex?

2. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was born in which US State?

3. Which Royal castle is located across the river from Eton, the school Princes William and Harry attended.

4. Who is the Princess Eugenie’s father?

5. What was the profession of Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret’s husband?

6. Who commissioned Poundbury, a Dorset village built using traditional methods?

7. In which war did the Duke Of York fly a helicopter?

8. What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?

9. Edward VIII abdicated the the throne in 1936. How was he related to the Queen?

10. Where do the Royal family traditionally spend Christmas?

11. The Queen famously owns which breed of dog?

12. Which Royal was born in 2015?

13. Who is currently sixth in line to the British throne?

14. How many children do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have?

15. What is the Christian name of the Princess Royal?

16. In what year was the Queen born?

17. At which university did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet?

18. Which of the Queen’s Grandchildren is an Olympic equestrian?

19. What living things did Prince Charles admit to talking to in a 1986 interview?

20. Which Royal set up the Really Useful TV company?


1. Prince Edward

2. California

3. Windsor Castle

4. Duke of York

5. Photographer

6. Prince Charles

7. Falklands

8. Spencer

9. Uncle

10. Sandringham

11. Corgis

12. Princess Charlotte

13. Prince Harry

14. Three

15. Anne

16. 1926

17. St Andrews

18. Zara Tindall (nee Philips)

19. His plants.

20. Prince Edward