Quiz: Which English Place Am I?

How well do you know the places of England?

For each of the following, an English place is being described – which of the 4 options is correct? Answers are at the bottom of the page…

1. I am a small island off the South West coast of Cornwall, famous for its gulf stream heated water.

  1. Isle of Man
  2. Isles of Scilly
  3. Isle of Wight
  4. Isle of Skye

2. I used to be England”s most dreaded prison. Former inmates include Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn and Rudolf Hess.

  1. Tower Of London
  2. Pentonville
  3. Wormwood Scrubs
  4. Newgate

3. I am a city whose residents are known as Scousers.

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Newcastle

4. I am a museum based in a former power station on the Thames in London. I opened in the year 2000.

  1. Tate Gallery
  2. National Portrait Gallery
  3. Tate Modern
  4. Science Museum

5. I am a northern university city, whose cathedral home is to the tomb of the Venerable Bede.

  1. Durham
  2. Newcastle
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds

6. I am a county containing the towns of Chelsford, Southend On Sea and Colchester

  1. Essex
  2. Sussex
  3. Wessex
  4. Middlesex

7. I am a naval vessel moored next to Tower Bridge in London. I am open to the public.

  1. HMS Belfast
  2. HMS Cardiff
  3. HMS London
  4. HMS Edinburgh

8. I am England’s longest river.

  1. The Severn
  2. The Thames
  3. The Trent
  4. The Humber

9. I am a county, famous for its cider, whose main town is Taunton.

  1. Somerset
  2. Dorset
  3. Cornwall
  4. Devon

10. I am a city on the Humber Estuary in the East Riding Of Yorkshire.

  1. Lincoln
  2. Norwich
  3. Leeds
  4. Hull

11. I am a seaside resort on the south coast. I am the setting for a Graham Greene novel whose title contains my name.

  1. Brighton
  2. Bournemouth
  3. Eastbourne
  4. Weymouth

12. I am a suburb of London, famous for its observatory and naval history.

  1. Woolwich
  2. Greenwich
  3. Tilbury
  4. Billingsgate

13. I am a London palace, now home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  1. Kensington Palace
  2. Clarence House
  3. St James Palace
  4. Buckingham Palace

14. I am a Yorkshire coastal town near where James Cook who “discovered” Australia for the British was born.

  1. Scarborough
  2. Bridlington
  3. Filey
  4. Whitby

15. I am the highest mountain in England.

  1. Scarfell Pike
  2. Ben Nevis
  3. Snowdonia
  4. Whernside

16. I am a London museum containing the Rosetta Stone, used to decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

  1. Natural History Museum
  2. Science Museum
  3. Victoria & Albert Museum
  4. British Museum

17. I am the most southerly point in England.

  1. Lands End
  2. Lizard Point
  3. The Needles, Isle Of Wight
  4. John OGroats

18. I am a suburb of London where England”s Rugby Union team is based.

  1. Wembley
  2. Lords
  3. Twickenham
  4. Wimbledon

19. I am the name of a college in both Oxford and Cambridge.

  1. St Johns
  2. Oriel
  3. Downing
  4. Girton

20. I am England”s most northerly town, whose local member of parliament recently called to be made part of Scotland.

  1. Berwick-on-Tweed
  2. Carlisle
  3. Stirling
  4. Alnwick


  1. Isles of Scilly
  2. Tower Of London
  3. Liverpool
  4. Tate Modern
  5. Durham
  6. Essex
  7. HMS Belfast
  8. The Severn
  9. Somerset
  10. Hull
  11. Brighton
  12. Greenwich
  13. Kensington Palace
  14. Whitby
  15. Scarfell Pike
  16. British Museum
  17. Lizard Point
  18. Twickenham
  19. St Johns
  20. Berwick-on-Tweed

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