The 10 Must-See Places In Cornwall

Cornwall is a region of England that has a lot to offer, from biodomes to castles, from modern cities to the quaintest of Cornish fishing villages and from modern science to ancient fairy tales.

It is a region where every visitor will be able to find something that suits their personal interests. No holiday in Cornwall will ever be boring!

We look at the various places in Cornwall and put together a list of our favourite spots.

The 10 Best Places in Cornwall

1. The Eden Project

The Eden Project is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are interested in sustainable living and biology. You can see thousands of different plant species in the two biomes of the Eden Project.

One is a Mediterranean biome, the other a rainforest biome. The botanical garden is also a must-see as some of the plants there are prehistoric, rare, and you might not get to see them anywhere else.

The Core of the Eden Project is the place to go to if you are interested in art as different exhibitions are held there all over the year.

2. The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan photo

Photo by Rob Young

The Lost Gardens of Heligan are one of the most famous and most popular botanical gardens in the UK.

The garden layout is typical of the 19th century, and visitors can see some colossal plants. In addition to fragrant, colorful, and beautiful flowers, there’s also an interesting vegetable garden that shows that healthy foods are anything but boring.

3. Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle photo
Photo by sagesolar

It should not be a surprise to see Tintagel Castle among the ten best places in Cornwall. Almost every visitor to this region wants to visit the famous building.

The medieval castle sits on the island of Tintagel and is the center of many tales. Richard, the first Earl of Cornwall built the Tintagel in the 13th century, and later the castle became famous because of its ties to the King Arthur legend.

The castle is now owned by Prince Charles and is a busy tourist attraction.

4. Minack Theatre

Minack Theatre photo

Photo by jeremySO

While the Minack Theatre is not as popular as Tintagel Castle, it is well worth a visit for people with an interest in arts and culture.

The theatre is home to a variety of plays from May to September and includes international as well as national plays.

During the off-season, the theatre is open to tourists who simply want to have a look at the stunning architecture and the views from the audience seats.

It was built in the early 20th century and is on the list of the world’s most spectacular theatres.

5. Trebah

Trebah photo

Photo by Clivid

Trebah is a beautiful subtropical garden which lies between some medieval settlements in an area of the same name.

The gardens include a bamboo garden and even a small jungle. It’s a great place to get away from it all and you might want to plan a visit here in between the visits of more popular and busy tourist attractions.

This is a great place to take a breather and marvel in the variety of plants you’d never expect to grow in England.

6. Bodmin Moor

The 10 Must-See Places In Cornwall 2
Bodmin Moor

This is one of the ten best places in Cornwall because it not only includes the highest point in Cornwall but it also is the place where many of the rivers that flow through Cornwall have their source.

Bodmin Moor is a large, granite moorland with a unique kind of landscape that has attractions for a variety of interests.

There are ancient cairns that date back to the Bronze Age, lovely walks, stone circles and old churches.

7. Geevor Tin Mine

Mining was an important part of England’s past and played a huge economic role.

The Geevor Tin Mine operated between 1911 and 1990. The mine is now a tourist attraction and allows visitors to enter as part of a living history exhibition (hard helmets have to be worn for safety and additional immersion into the life of a miner).

A museum and heritage center teach people about the history of mining and the local area. The Geevor Tin Mine is the largest preserved tin mining site in the UK.

8. Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The 10 Must-See Places In Cornwall 3

Wildlife lovers must visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. It is a unique place with a special atmosphere, and the seals will immediately find a way into your heart with their large eyes and charming behavior.

This sanctuary is a place that takes care of injured seal pups and has grown over many years. There are now five pools and a dedicated seal pup hospital.

9. Cape Cornwall and Land’s End

The 10 Must-See Places In Cornwall 4
Image by Armelion from Pixabay

Cape Cornwall and Land’s End are not just one of the ten best places in Cornwall but in general one of the best places to visit in the UK. Cape Cornwall is around four miles north of Land’s End, which is the westernmost place of England.

Land’s End is also a holiday complex, and you’ll be able to find a variety of accommodation options and entertainment there. Cape Cornwall is the quieter version of Land’s End, and just as beautiful.

While you are in the area, you might also want to visit some of the charming villages in the area.

10. Pendennis Castle

The 10 Must-See Places In Cornwall 5
Photo by Robert.Pittman

Pendennis Castle in Falmouth is not as famous as Tintagel, but a very impressive place in its own way.

The well-preserved castle once used to be an artillery fort built by King Henry VIII. It was built to protect England against attacks from the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and France.

The castle grounds are immense, and there are a variety of buildings to explore – from the actual castle to a blockhouse and the barracks and much more.

The castle lies in a beautiful area and you should take a whole day to visit Pendennis Castle and enjoy the atmosphere.

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