About Us

What Is EnglandExplore?

EnglandExplore is a website for those that love everything to do with England.

Whether it’s as a (potential?) travel destination, a former/future home or just an interest of yours, we have something for you.

Who Am I?

I’m Chris Young, Editor of englandexplore.com.

I’m British but in 2001 I decided to move overseas (Australia) where I now live with my gorgeous wife and two sons.

Despite loving my new home, I still hanker after my place of birth. It is this hankering that gave birth to this website. Moving away from a place makes you appreciate all the things you took for granted when you were there.

In particular I never appreciated properly the beauty of the countryside or history and culture of England until living somewhere else.

(For example the church where I grew up is 800 years old but until recently I didn’t really notice.)Well, I hope this website makes partial amends for this neglect. It is, if nothing else, a labour of love for the land of my birth (if not the weather).

And so, if you feel the same way please stick around for lots of great articles on the best of England.

In the meantime, I look forward to having you around.