5 Castles That Make A Great Day Trip From London

Here are five great great castles that you can visit easily in a day from London. Perfect for a trip out of the UK capital once you’ve seen all the sights.

Many visitors to the UK make London their base. As well as all the wonderful sights in the city itself, it’s also within reach of some fantastic castles.

Our pick of the best five to visit are below:

Hever Castle

Our first pick is one for the history books: Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. She was Henry VIII’s second wife, and the first to be beheaded.

Here’s our post on this pretty Kent castle:

Hever Castle is a beautiful medieval castle located in England and has been called one of the most romantic and picturesque buildings in Europe. Almost everybody who loves castles and English history should…

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Dover Castle

Dover Castle occupies a strategic point overlooking the narrowest section of the English Channel.

Not surprisingly, then, Dover Castle was one of the first Castles to be built by Wiliam The Conqueror after the Battle of Hastings.

Here’s our post on this historic castle:

Dover Castle is one of the most iconic castles in England. It also has the distinction of being among the oldest; it was originally fortified by William the Conqueror following…

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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, to the west of London near Heathrow Airport, was HM Queen’s main home for much of her life. She and her husband Prince Phillip much preferred it to Buckingham Palace which they found stuffy.

It is also where they both chose to be their final resting place – they are buried in the Castle’s chapel, St Geoerge’s.

Here’s our post on this wonderful, and still very working, castle:

Windsor Castle spans hundreds of years, starting with the original structure from the 11th century. From royal weddings to christenings, deaths (sadly including Prince Philip who died at Windsor Castle…

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Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle in Sussex is one of the prettiest castles in southern England.

It’s also still home to the Duke of Norfolk, whose Howard family has lived here since the 16th century.

It’s also in one of the loveliest towns in England – Arundel – and a trip to the castle can be combined with a couple of hours pottering around its charming stores and tea shops.

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Arundel Castle, which was built in the 11th century, is the historic home of the Dukes of Norfolk and has been continuously occupied and renovated over the centuries. This vast…

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Leeds Castle

Another lovely Kent Castle, Leeds Castle is one of the few British Castle that pre-dates the Normans. It was originally a Saxon manor house built in 857 AD.

It’s been home to many of England’s most famous Kings and Queens including Queen Eleanor, wife of Edward I, Catherine of Aragon and was even Elizabeth I’s prison for a while.

Here’s our post:

Claiming to be the “loveliest castle in the world”, Leeds Castle in Kent (and, confusingly, nowhere near the city of Leeds in Yorkshire) is one of the most famous castles…

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