Kent | Castles, Cathedrals & Oast Houses

Kent is a county in the far South East of England, with a long history (the Battle of Hastings was fought in the county) and farming background, especially the apple and brewing industries.

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Where Is Kent?

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Kent is south East of London bordering Essex to the north and East Sussex to the south.

Key Kent Towns & Cities


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The white cliffs of Dover have been a welcoming sight for travellers for centuries. Dover is Britain’s main port transporting £144bn in trade annually (source).


Site of the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 between William the Conqueror and Harold, won by the former, bring in the Norman rule of England.


Pretty medieval city, whose gorgeous cathedral is still home to the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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And more about the Cathedral:


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Another pretty Cathedral city on the county’s Medway river.

Kent villages

Kent is home to some wonderfully pretty villages:

Other Kent Highlights

Dover Castle

Dover is also home to one of the best-preserved Norman Castles in England:

Oast Houses

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The brewing industry in England still relies on Kent’s warm climate to produce hops, a key ingredient of beer.

The hop drying process has produced a very distinctive type of house, the oast house, which can be seen around the county.