Lindisfarne Castle: A Rugged Northumberland Gem

Lindisfarne Castle sits atop Beblowe Craig’s volcanic mound, on Holy Island off the Northumberland Coast.

In this guide, we delve deeper into the intriguing past of this castle, its transformation into a charming Edwardian home, and its current status as a beloved National Trust property.

Lindisfarne Castle: A Rugged Northumberland Gem 2

A Historical Overview

Contrary to what its serene presence might suggest, Lindisfarne Castle was born out of turbulent times. Following the dissolution of monasteries by Henry VIII in the mid-16th century, the castle was constructed using stones from the demolished Lindisfarne Priory. Its strategic location made it a crucial fortification against potential Scottish invasions and Viking attacks.

Over the centuries, the castle’s function gradually shifted. When James I unified the thrones of England and Scotland, the castle’s military importance declined. It later served as a coastguard lookout and became a tourist attraction.

Transformation into an Edwardian Country Home

The castle underwent a significant transformation in the early 20th century. Edward Hudson, the founder of Country Life magazine, purchased the castle from the Crown in 1901. Collaborating with renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, Hudson converted the castle into an Edwardian country home.

Lutyens’ innovative design retained the castle’s historical charm while infusing it with homely elements. He creatively used stone, brick, slate, and wood to create simple forms and textures, resulting in a rustic, yet elegant ambiance[^2^].

The Castle’s Architectural Features

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The entrance to the castle is dramatic, requiring a steep climb around the rocky base. Inside, the design elements echo the castle’s past and the creative mind of Lutyens. The kitchen, dominated by a large stone fireplace, and the entrance hall, sectioned off by large stone pillars, are reminiscent of a church nave[^2^].

The castle’s dining room is situated inside the remnants of the Tudor fort, with vaults that support the gun battery above. Inside the ship room, dark wooden tables and cabinets complement the green walls. The east bedroom is bright and airy, reflecting Lutyens’ ability to create inviting spaces within the castle’s historical confines.

Gertrude Jekyll Garden

The Walled Garden, originally the fort’s vegetable garden, was redesigned by Gertrude Jekyll, a long-time friend and collaborator of Lutyens. Using her original planting plan, the National Trust recreated the garden for the 2003 season.

Today, the garden, located 500 meters north of the castle, offers a tranquil escape for visitors.

Lindisfarne Castle Today

Currently, Lindisfarne Castle is a cherished property of the National Trust. The Trust maintains a schedule of varying opening times based on the Island’s tidal accessibility.

While the castle closes during winter for annual maintenance, the Gertrude Jekyll Garden and Lime Kilns remain open.

The castle is also available for weddings and naming ceremonies, offering a unique setting for unforgettable memories. Out-of-hours castle tours can also be arranged for those wishing to explore the castle in a more intimate setting.

Explore More of Holy Island

Holy Island Lindisfarne
Photo by John-Mark Strange on Unsplash

Apart from the castle, Holy Island offers numerous attractions for visitors. Explore the island’s walking routes with your canine friend, or visit the local restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops for a taste of Northumbrian hospitality.

For history buffs, a visit to the nearby Warkworth Castle and Chesters Roman Fort is highly recommended. Those seeking outdoor adventures can enjoy cycling at Pedal Power Cycle Hire.


From its humble beginnings as a fortification to its transformation into a charming country home, Lindisfarne Castle offers a fascinating glimpse into England’s rich history. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a traveler seeking unique experiences, a visit to Lindisfarne Castle promises a memorable journey back in time.

Visit Lindisfarne Castle to experience its historical charm and scenic views.

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