Scarborough Castle | Stronghold Overlooking North Sea

Scarborough Castle is a medieval castle located in the town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.

The castle sits high above the town on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea and was once an important strategic stronghold used by both the English and Scottish armies.

Today, visitors can explore the ruins of this mighty fortress and imagine what life was like back in medieval times.

Scarborough Castle | Stronghold Overlooking North Sea 1
Scarborough Castle

A Brief History of Scarborough Castle

The site of the castle has been occupied since the late Iron Age and it was originally a wooden fort built by the Romans. The castle was later rebuilt in stone by the Normans and it has been occupied ever since.

The castle was besieged during the Civil War and it was partially destroyed by Parliamentarian troops. The castle was later restored and it is now open to the public.

The Architecture of the Castle

This castle is a great example of medieval architecture, and it’s also one of the most well-preserved castles in the country.

The castle was built in the 11th century, and it has been used as a fortress, a royal residence, and a prison over the years. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination, and it’s also a great place to learn about the history of England.

The architecture of the castle is very impressive, and you’ll definitely want to take some time to explore it. The castle is built on a high cliff overlooking the sea, and it has a lot of great features, including a keep, a gatehouse, and a moat.

The Strategic Location of the Castle

Scarborough Castle location

Situated atop a rocky headland overlooking the North Sea, Scarborough Castle has a long and rich history.

During the Hundred Years War, it was frequently attacked by the Scots. In 1645, the castle was the site of a bloody siege during the English Civil War.

More recently, the castle has been a popular tourist destination. Its spectacular views and rich history make it a must-see for anyone visiting Scarborough.

Where Is The Castle?

Where Is Scarborough Castle?

The castle is on the North Yorkshire coast in the North of England.

It’s about 65 miles (100km) north-east of York.

Fun Facts About Scarborough Castle

Here are some fun facts about Scarborough Castle:

  1. The castle was built in the 1130s by William le Gros, Earl of Albemarle.
  2. The castle was originally built as a wooden motte and bailey castle, but was later rebuilt in stone.
  3. Scarborough Castle was the site of a major battle in the Civil War, when Parliamentarian forces defeated the Royalists.
  4. The castle was also the site of a major siege during the Second World War, when it was bombarded by German forces.


How & When Was Scarborough Castle Destroyed?

The castle was destroyed in 1485 during the Siege of Scarborough, when it was bombarded by cannon for three days by the Yorkist army, commanded by King Richard III.

Is Scarborough Castle worth visiting?

Yes, Scarborough Castle is worth visiting. The castle is located in a beautiful setting overlooking the North Sea, and it has a long and interesting history.

Visitors Info

There’s an admission fee to the castle with discounts for members of English Heritage:

Scarborough Castle | Stronghold Overlooking North Sea 2

The castle is open from 10am to 5pm 7 days a week.


If you’re looking for a fascinating day trip destination with plenty of history, be sure to add Scarborough Castle in England to your list! This imposing castle has stood the test of time and is definitely worth a visit.

From its strategic location overlooking the North Sea to its interesting architecture, there’s plenty to explore at this English landmark.

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