15 Most Famous & Iconic Stadiums in London

Famous Stadiums in London

London is a big city with a rich cultural heritage representing the history of the British Empire and much more. 

Sports has always been a massive part of British culture, and it’s quite evident from the stadiums in London. From football to cricket, this city is famous for its inclusion of all sorts of sports and athletics. That’s why there is a plethora of sports centers and stadiums all around London that inspires sports enthusiasts and athletes. 

In fact, this city has some iconic stadiums that have witnessed some of the most historic moments in the sports industry. Besides having prime venues for cricket, rugby, and tennis, famous London-based football clubs also have their own stadiums around the city. Currently, stadiums have become major tourist attractions in London as millions of fans visit these sports venues to support their favorite teams. So, let’s have a more detailed view of the incredible and world-famous stadiums in London. 

1. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium, London, UK

With a massive capacity of 90,000 people, Wembley is considered one of the largest football stadiums in England. It’s also the home ground of the English Men’s National Football Team. But the most fascinating aspect of this huge stadium is its significance in world football. 

Originally, the Wembley Stadium was built between 1924 to 1925, but since then, it has gone through a series of renovations and expansions. The current Wembley Stadium is the final result of the complete rebuilding in 2007. 

This magnificent stadium is also an integral part of England’s football history and was the venue of some unforgettable moments in world football. That’s perhaps why it’s also known as “The Home of Football.”

Due to its large capacity and football heritage, Wembley has hosted and continues to host some of the biggest football events in the world. 

Besides hosting domestic tournaments finals of the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and Community Shield, Wembley was the venue of the London Olympics in 2012. The historic final match of the 2013 UEFA Champions League between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich was also held at Wembley. 

The architectural excellence of Wembley Stadium, along with its popularity and historical importance, makes it a big tourist attraction in London. Especially on big occasions, the stadium gets packed with a large wave of fans and die-hard supporters. 

2. London Olympic Stadium

London Olympic Stadium, England

Owned by the Greater London Authority, London Olympic Stadium tops the ranking as one of the most visited stadiums in London. This marvelous stadium is situated near Stratford station, and it has been the home ground of the famous English football club, West Ham United, since 2016. English Premier League home games of West Ham are played in this colossal stadium capable of holding about 66,000 supporters. 

As the name suggests, this stadium was initially constructed for hosting the 2012 London Olympics but has been transformed into a football stadium. The construction of this beautiful oval-shaped stadium took about £486 million to complete and was opened to the public in 2012. 

London Stadium has also gained a lot of popularity worldwide as a versatile sports venue. By hosting huge rock concerts, Rugby World Cup, and the 2017 IAAF World Championships, London Olympic Stadium has become the centerpiece of sports entertainment. 

3. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, UK

This one is the most recently built stadium in London, and it has already become the center of attraction in world football. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has all the latest technologies and aesthetics you’d expect from an ultramodern stadium. 

Owned by The Spurs Football Club, this stadium was opened in 2019 and is considered one of the best English Premier League venues. From an architectural point of view, this stadium is one of the most stunning pieces of modern architecture. In fact, The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has won several awards for its unique and creative architectural design.    

With a capacity of 62,303 fans, this enormous stadium really shines in creating an immersive and unforgettable matchday experience for the supporters. It’s also one of the most expensive stadiums in the world, as it took about £1 billion to finish the total construction.

The amazing fireworks of this stadium, along with great lighting, are capable of creating an atmosphere like no other. Apart from football, The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is also ideal for hosting NFL games thanks to its retractable pitch technology. From football to rugby fans, this stadium offers everyone an epic experience by blending sports with entertainment.

4. Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium, London, United Kingdom

The Emirates Stadium is the proud home ground of the famous Premier League side, Arsenal FC. Located in Highbury, this world-famous stadium has the capacity to hold over 60,000 fans at a time. 

In 2006, Arsenal Football Club opened the Emirates Stadium after replacing their previous home, The Highbury Stadium, after 93 years. Since then, this magnificent stadium has been an important part of all the ups and downs of London’s most successful football club. This stadium has an exquisite architectural design with one of the most impressive sporting facilities across Europe.  

Another big attraction of The Emirates Stadium is the newly renovated Arsenal museum. This museum showcases all the major trophies of Arsenal’s glory days along with the historic moments that made them famous. 

Fans and supporters from around the world visit the museum and relive the iconic moments of Arsenal’s rich history. That’s why it has one of the most expensive tickets compared to other stadiums in London. 

5. Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge, London, UK

Home of the Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge is another one of the biggest stadiums in London that holds a prominent place among landmark stadiums in London. This famous stadium is situated in South-West London and is considered a sacred place for Chelsea fans. 

Chelsea FC is a heavyweight club in European football and has a large fanbase across the world. They have won every major European and domestic title and have been quite dominant in the football world for a very long time.  That’s why a large group of supporters come to visit London to have the amazing experience of Stamford Bridge.

The original Stamford Bridge was constructed back in 1876 and is one of the oldest football stadiums in England. After its establishment, Stamford Bridge has gone through several major renovations in order to keep up with the modern world. 

Currently, it has a capacity of 41,837 people and provides a beautiful atmosphere on matchdays. You can also have one of the best stadium tours at Stamford Bridge, as it showcases Chelsea’s domestic and European tiles. 

6. The Valley

Located on Floyd Road, Charlton’s The Valley is the famous home turf for the English Championship side, Charlton Athletic FC. This old and beautiful stadium has a glorious history of about 100 years of football. 

Although Charlton couldn’t make it to the English Premier League, it didn’t stop the enthusiasm around this great sporting venue. The Valley is a special place for Charlton Athletic fans, and it still remains one of the largest stadiums in London. 

The tickets for this stadium are quite cheaper compared to the other stadiums as well. So that makes The Valley a more affordable option for a quick stadium tour. 

The family-friendly vibe, along with a low entry fee, makes the Valley a perfect stadium to enjoy a casual football match. Currently, this stadium can hold about 27,000 fans and has a unique record of hosting the loudest rock concert in history. 

7. Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage, London, UK

Craven Cottage is one of England’s most familiar football grounds and has a long history of sporting heritage in London. It’s located on the bank of the famous Thames river and is the home ground of the EPL team Fulham FC. 

Fulham has gained significant success under the new ownership and is on its way to becoming a Premier League giant. With a capacity of more than 25,000 fans, Craven Cottage has been the home of Fulham FC since 1896.

The unorthodox red bricks and the wooden seats of Craven Cottage make the stadium unique from every angle. Constructed in 1780, the stadium has gone through various restructurings and remodelings but always kept the traditional feel of the old stadium. With a history of over 300 years, Craven Cottage embodies the true heritage of England’s sports culture and passion for football. 

8. Selhurst Park 

Selhurst Park is a monumental stadium around London and is the home of the English Premier League club Crystal Palace. It’s located at the heart of Selhurst in South London and offers one of the most genuine experiences of the Premier League. 

Since its opening in 1924, Crystal palace has been using this stadium to play their home games in the English Premier League. With an eccentric architectural design and modern facilities, this stadium is the perfect blend of art and technology. Designed by famous architect Archibald Leitch, this wonderful stadium is currently owned by Crystal Palace FC.

After a series of reconstructions, Selhurst Park currently has a capacity of 25,486 people and is ideal for hosting major sporting events. There are already plans for a major overhaul and this remarkable stadium will only get bigger and better in the near future. 

With a combination of vintage ambiance, exquisite interior, and passionate crowd, Selhurst Park is one of the must-see stadiums in London for many tourists and football fans. 

9. Loftus Road 

Located in White City, Loftus Road is currently the home of the English football club Queens Park Rangers. Constructed in 1904, this well-known stadium in London is one of its top tourist spots. Loftus Road is jointly owned by Athletic Club Ltd and Queens Park Rangers.  

In 1981, this stadium was the first to introduce an artificial pitch in a soccer match and played a vital part in modernizing football in England. Apart from QPR, international teams such as Jamaica and Australia also used this stadium as a sporting venue. 

With an impressive capacity of 18,439 seats, Loftus Road held several heavyweight boxing matches and rugby games as well. 

Recently, the club has granted Loftus Road’s naming rights to a charity known as The Kiyan Prince Foundation. This action was taken to pay respect to the loving memories of Kiyan Prince, a former QPR player who died in 2006.  

10. Brentford Community Stadium

The Brentford Community Stadium is the current home turf of the newly promoted English Premier League side Brentford FC. 

Previously, the famous Griffin Park was the home venue for Brentford fans. But after 2020, all home games of Brentford FC started taking place in the new stadium and it has already gained popularity. Besides Brentford, this stadium is also the home ground of the famous London Irish Rugby Club. 

Situated in West London, this multi-purpose stadium has a capacity of holding 17,250 people and is an ideal venue for both rugby and football. It’s a fairly new stadium compared to other stadiums in London but offers most of the modern facilities. 

Since its opening, Brentford Community Stadium has been creating commercial opportunities in the local area and providing a decent recreational venueto the new generation.

11. Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham Stadium is one of the most prestigious rugby stadiums in London and is the proud bearer of England’s rugby heritage. Located in the southwest of London, it is also the world’s largest rugby union venue. 

With a massive capacity of 82,000 spectators, it’s also the fourth-largest sports arena in all of Europe. 

Twickenham Stadium was opened in 1909 and attracts a lot of foreign tourists as well as rugby fans from around the world. Twickenham Stadium also earned a good reputation by hosting the Rugby World Cup final multiple times. Besides, you can also explore the World Rugby Museum, and enjoy some of the best live music performances at Twickenham Stadium. 

12. Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, England

Although cricket is not as popular as other sports in Europe, it is one of the most beloved sports in England and, to some extent, in other parts of the UK. 

Lord’s Cricket Ground is a prime example of England’s love for cricket and is a world-famous cricket venue. With a cricketing history of over 200 years, this beautiful stadium is also known as the  “Home of Cricket.”

Lord’s hosted some wonderful cricket matches in the history books and created some iconic moments of cricket. It’s located in northwest London and is one of England’s most attractive places. Besides cricket, this stadium also has one of the oldest sporting museums in the world that’ll surely inspire history buffs.

13. The Oval

Just like Lord’s, The Oval is also another famous cricket stadium in London and is the home of Surrey County Cricket Club. Located in Kennington, it’s also the proud host of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019 and the final of the ICC Champions Trophy. 

Back in 1880, this stadium hosted the first-ever Test match between England and Australia, and since then, it has hosted over 100 Tests. Besides cricket, this stadium also hosted England’s first international football match in 1880. 

Overall, The Oval has been an integral part of England’s sporting history and culture. 

14. The Den

Located on Zampa Road, The Den is the home of Millwall Football Club and it’s one of the most frequently visited stadiums in London. Opened in 1993, this amazing stadium has a capacity of over 20,000 visitors and there are plans to extend the capacity in the future. 

After shifting from the original Den ground after 83 years, this newly constructed stadium is a treat for the Millwall fans. Since its construction, it has been hosting various boxing matches and was featured in several dramas and TV shows. 

The Den can be an ideal option for a quick stadium tour and a small family outing on a low budget.

15. Wimbledon

Wimbledon Stadium, London, England

Just like other sports, tennis is also quite popular in England and Wimbledon is the holy ground of this sport. This famous stadium also hosted some of the oldest and most unforgettable tennis tournaments in the world. 

Since 1877, legends of this game have graced Wimbledon and gifted us with lots of memorable and historic moments. Every year, Wimbledon hosts its world-famous tennis tournament where all the best players compete for the ultimate glory and pride of their careers. 

A huge number of tourists and tennis fans visit Wimbledon to see their favorite tennis players compete in London. Wimbledon’s yearly tournament is considered the most important tennis event in the world and it reflects England’s deep and historic traditions of playing and celebrating tennis as a sport.     


The stadiums in London are one of the most visited tourist spots in England as well as Europe. The rich historical significance along with the breathtaking architectural designs make these sports arenas an essential part of London’s heritage. 

Since sports are a huge part of British culture, these massive stadiums represent the cultural identity of the British people. Besides, these sports arenas offer you the chance to experience unbridled joy and happiness whether you visit for an event or simply for a tour.

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