Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages

Wiltshire villages offer some great examples of the quintessential English village with scenic outdoor views, rich history, and pretty cottages.

And if you’re looking for villages in England that contain these picturesque views and excellent places to explore, you will find them all in Wiltshire.

After all, Wiltshire villages have their natural charms and fairytale-like sceneries, which is why some areas are even chosen for filming locations.

So, if you’re looking for some lovely villages to explore for your upcoming trips, here are twenty pretty Wiltshire villages in no particular order that you should check out below.

1. The Prettiest Village in England: Castle Combe

castle combe village

This lovely Wiltshire village is just five miles northwest of Chippenham. Castle Combe is hailed as England’s prettiest village, and it’s pretty evident why it was given such a title. After all, Castle Combe is part of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The structures in this village are built out of Cotswold limestone, providing the village with a quaint feel. Furthermore, its sceneries look like places you’d typically find in films and fairy tales, which is why it’s a chosen location for films such as Stardust, Robin Hood, War Horse, and more. If you’re looking for the best picture-perfect spot in this village, you can visit the old weavers’ cottage located just across Castle Combe’s bridge.

2. The Heart of Cotswolds’ Natural Sceneries: Sherston

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 1

Just like Castle Combe, this attractive Wiltshire village filled with honey-tinted cottages is also located within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Sherston comprises various historic structures, including the former Swann Inn and the Old Swan House.

In addition, visitors can explore the village’s rich history by dropping by the Athelstan Museum. Another well-known museum to visit in this area includes the Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre, where you can find Sherston’s artefacts and more.

3. The Village with the Unspoiled Beauty: Lacock

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 2

Lacock is well-known for its beautiful, untouched landscapes and picturesque rolling hills. Lacock is located just three miles south of Chippenham, and the National Trust possesses nearly the majority of this village. Moreover, Lacock is home to several beautiful abbey houses and incredible outdoor locations to explore. Children who wish to enjoy a swell time can enjoy their much-wanted playtime at Lacock’s Boomerang Family Play Centre.

According to many tourists who’ve been to this village, a visit to Lacock feels like stepping into a time machine. After all, visitors get to witness the beautiful sceneries of the past. Heralded as a quintessential English Village, Lacock’s preserved beauty easily makes it a part of Wiltshire’s prettiest villages.

4. For Quiet Holidays With Nature: Broad Chalke

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 3

Next on the list of attractive Wiltshire villages is Broad Chalke. Situated in Chalke Valley, this quiet village boasts alluring countryside landscapes and is named as one of the best villages by the Sunday Times. Broad Chalke also features two chalk streams and verdant valleys, making it the ideal location for peaceful trips with your beloved family and friends.

In addition, Broad Chalke is also home to several restaurants, shops, and community attractions for you to explore. Moreover, those looking for grand festivities in this village can stop by during the summer for Broad Chalke’s summer events for some fun under the sun.

5. Two Lovely Villages in One: Teffont

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 4

Originally split as two villages (Teffont Magna and Teffont Avias), Teffont is found in the Nadder Valley. Historically recognized as two separate villages before, Teffont Avias and Teffont Magna were merged in 1934 and become just one parish.

With amazing lake views and cosy cottages, you can immerse yourself in Teffont’s scenic village views. Furthermore, visitors can also stop by at the famous Salisbury Cathedral and Teffont Evias’ St. Michael Church, which are just a few of Teffont’s historic spots.

6. The Biggest Village in Nadder Valley: Tisbury

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 5

Next on our list of beautiful Wiltshire villages is the biggest village in Nadder Valley, Tisbury. The Times selected this lovely village as one of the best places to live in. After all, Tisbury includes a multitude of independent shops to choose from, various fluorescence gardens, plenty of peaceful areas for outdoor activities, and tons of historical and natural sites to explore.

Tisbury consists of buildings made of cobblestone, excellent cottages, and several hills where cyclists can take their cycling to the next level. Tisbury is also where St. John’s 12th-century parish church is found, which hosts a 4,000-year-old yew tree. This yew tree found on this site is said to be the second oldest tree growing in Britain.

7. A Visit to the Iron Age: Stourton

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 6

Stourton is a village located just northwest of Stourbridge. If you’re looking for a village that has plenty of historic sites and other excellent choices to visit, then Stourton is the place to be. After all, this village is where the Temple of Apollo, the Pantheon, and the Stourhead Estate are all located, boasting breathtaking views.

Furthermore, this civil parish is also home to the Heath Hill Farm, a biological location of particular scientific interest. Other prehistoric spots in Stourton include the Kenwalch’s Castle, Park Hill Camp, and the Pen Pits, which are significant locations used throughout the Iron Age.

8. A Place For Amazing Outdoor Adventures: Dinton

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 7

This village is found in the northern area of the Nadder Valley and is filled with several charming farmhouses, cottages, and historical spots. To add, the Philipps House is located at this village’s Dinton Park, and its path also leads to the village’s and plots of land containing parks, orchards, and farms.

Furthermore, Dinton Village comprises several nature-oriented attractions, so it’s the ideal village to visit if you want to experience many outdoor activities. For instance, you can stop by Dinton’s Fovant Badges, the Langford Lakes Nature Reserve, and the Grovely Wood for a trip filled with enjoyable adventures.

9. A Village Full of Historical Landscapes: Wilsford Cum Lake

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 8

Wilsford Cum Lake is Wiltshire’s village filled with several historical landscapes. After all, this village is part of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Additionally, Sting, a famous musician, based one of his albums on Wilsford Cum Lake’s surroundings since he and his wife owned a manor in this village. He also ended up creating the recordings of these songs on this site.

In addition, other notable buildings in Wilsford Cum Lake include St. Michael parish church and the Wilsford House. Both of these structures are Grade II Listed.

10. Home to the Popular Neolithic Monument: Avebury

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 9

Avebury is where the sought-after Avebury Stone Circle sits, circular henges and stones located in the village. Visitors can freely walk around the area’s scenic landscapes and touch the rocks situated in this village.

Besides this village’s stone circles, Avebury also has rich historical locations. These places of interest include the Avebury Manor and Gardens, Red Lion, West Kennet Long Barrow, and Silbury Hill. Visitors can also find a few shops in this village, such as The Henge Shop.

11. Home to the Grittleton House: Grittleton

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 10

As stated in the headline, Grittleton is primarily known for its Grittleton House, which includes a rich history dating back to its construction from 1832 to 1856. Formerly an independent school in this village, this beautiful building is now ideal for weddings.

Besides, with this location’s stunning views and its splendid architectural work, holding a wedding here will surely make you feel as if you’re genuinely inside a fairytale. Furthermore, Grittleton also consists of three parish churches of the Church of England. Some of these churches were built during the 13th century.

12. The Perfect Place for Autumn: Wootton Rivers

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 11

Wootton Rivers may be a small village, but it is home to several historic buildings and other various historical spots. For instance, Wootton Rivers is where the famous 14th-century St. Andrew is located. This area also has several historic buildings, such as the Manor House and Brimslade Farmhouse.

Wootton Rivers will surely give you a lot of history to explore and unravel, with many historical sites to visit. In addition, you may also want to visit Wootton Rivers’ Saversnake Forest in autumn. During this season, the beech trees in this forest contain leaves that come in various striking colours.

13. The Village with a Treasure Trail: Ramsbury

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 12

Ramsbury is a tranquil village filled with picturesque gardens, lovely period village houses, and tranquil landscapes. But this is not just what Ramsbury is known for. If you ever decide to visit Ramsbury, one of the best activities in this village is to follow its popular treasure trail.

This path supposedly starts by the Ramsbury pub and has several secret routes. Following this Treasure Trail should lead you to several clues that you may have to figure out to discover hidden treasures you may end up missing along your journey.

14. Small But Just as Wonderful: Slaughterford

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 13

Like Castle Combe, Slaughterford is also part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty due to its pleasant surroundings. Moreover, this small village also comprises lovely cottages sporting yellow Cotswold stone walls, similar to the villages in this area. The cottages in this village contain history dating way back to the 16th century.

15. A Small Village with a Small Railway: Avoncliff

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 14

Avoncliff is another pretty village you can find in Wiltshire. You can find a beautiful weir nearby the River Avon in this village where you can begin a nice walk towards the canal and the river. This path also leads to the Barton Farm Country Park.

There’s also a lovely canal aqueduct over the river (pictured).

Furthermore, Avoncliff is popular for its small railway station. This railway station in this village is also referred to as the Avoncliff Halt since people stopped the trains by waving them down.

16. Home to Chocolate-Coloured Roofs: Sandy Lane

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 15

Sandy Lane is not just a pretty village. A visit to this village will surely remind you that you’re in Sandy Lane. After all, this village has its remarkable cottages with chocolate-coloured roofs. Even its other structures contain this signature thatched roof. All these structures are well-preserved by the community.

17. A Village Sitting Underneath A Castle: Stratford-sub-Castle

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 16

This former ancient village in Wiltshire, as indicated in its village name, seats underneath a castle. This historic castle in question happens to be the Old Sarum. Although Stratford-sub-castle is now part of Salisbury’s northern suburbs, this lovely area comprises various paths to its nearby river, a Grade I Listed church, lovely cottages, and pleasing surroundings.

18. A Village with WWII History: Steeple Ashton

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 17

Another list included among Wiltshire’s beautiful villages is the Steeple Ashton village. Located at the eastern part of Trowbridge, this village is where the Keevil Airfield was stationed and used throughout World War II. Steeple Ashton comprises several architectural styles. These architectural styles include timber cottages, Georgian-style housing, and a Jacobean Manor House.

19. The Home of the Dabchicks: Aldbourne

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 18

Aldbourne is another beautiful Wiltshire village that we will add to this list. After all, this village is encompassed by rolling hills and spectacular views. With superb facilities, several footpaths for locals, and beautiful surroundings, this village contains all the qualities a pretty village offers.

Additionally, this village in Wiltshire provides its residents with a nickname based on the small grebe from this area. Notable buildings in this village include a Court House, The Old Manor, and the Upham House, which is made out of flint and gritstone.

20. A Village with Picturesque Distant Views: Maiden Bradley

Wiltshire Villages | 20 Quintessential English Villages 19

The last village part of our beautiful Wiltshire villages is Maiden Bradley. Its picturesque areas are filled with natural landscapes. For instance, the Little Knoll and Long Knoll are breathtaking places to look at, even from afar. After all, this village is included among the West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Wrapping Up

This ends our list of charming Wiltshire villages. Each village in this list has their charms and list of attractions, but what they are all similar in is their typical English village vibe. And with all the excellent villages that this UK county has to offer, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these villages that seemingly belong to fairytales.