12 Independent Boutiques in London You Must Visit

Boutiques in London

From the people to the storefronts of the boutiques strewn across famous streets, fashion is everywhere in London! 

London is well known for its chic, niche, and independent boutiques with a helpful staff and the best of contemporary fashion. You will find many fashionable stores in Oxford or Regent street that will blow your mind. Of course, there are large chains like Primark, but you will find hidden gems throughout London.

Here are some of the best boutiques you must visit on a trip to London. 

Fashion Boutiques (Clothes & Jewelry)

Fashion Boutiques in London

1. 69b Boutique

i-D Magazine’s former fashion editor, the very talented Merryn Leslie, started 69b Boutique way back in 2011. Her vision was to bring affordable and sustainable fashion to everyone who wanted more than just chic clothes. So, she introduced Riyka, Here Today Here Tomorrow, and Beaumont Organic Labels into her boutique.

Although she sold the store in 2020, the boutique came into the excellent hands of an e-commerce and sustainable fashion expert, Emma Bonar. As she is also enthusiastic about sustainable fashion, the essence of Merryn Leslie has stayed with the boutique and the brand. 

Now the store caters to people looking for trendy and environmentally sustainable fashion by introducing brands like Dedicated, Veja, People Tree, Komodo, and many more.

2. Jessie Western

Jessie and Vicky, the owners of Jessie Western, have really brought a new meaning to supporting Native American artists and fashionistas with their boutiques. Both sisters are passionate about Native American stones and handcraft all their silver and turquoise jewellery. 

Aside from exquisite stone jewellery, they have suede tasselled jackets, silver concho belts, ponchos, embellished fringed tote bags,  hand-painted cowboy boots, suede skirts, and cowboy hats.

The sisters mainly work with Zuni and Navajo artists to highlight and celebrate their ethnic crafts, adored by their clients, Chloë Sevigny, Kate Moss, and more.


If you are looking for more boutiques owned by fashion-conscious women, AIDA Shoreditch is just right for you. Four sisters founded the boutique in 2012 and named it after their nan.

When you visit the boutique, you will be amazed by how the founders have been able to blend in the vibrancy of Shoreditch as a neighbourhood into their boutique. 

At the store, you will find chic indie labels for men and women at various price points, including local and high-end fashion brands. 

Aside from fashion, they have a small cafe inside the boutique with a coffee corner to enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood on, say, a leisurely afternoon or something. Moreover, they have a book corner, and you can easily buy a book and spend the whole day there!

In a way, you can say they have left no stone unturned to make their boutique stand out.

4. Modern Society

Shoreditch is a singular destination for shopaholics! There are cafes, boutiques, and many other premium stores in the area. In many cases, you will find a boutique and a cafe in the same place. Modern Society is one such establishment!

The boutique is located on Redchurch Street, offering both fashion and strong and delicious cups of coffee. Who can say no to that? 

Nazifa Movsoumova, the owner, also makes an effort to showcase genderless labels and include clothes in line with the latest trends. For instance, the boutique was the first in London to introduce Salt Surf’s-, Sandy Liang’s-, and By Far footwear’s covetable coats. 

They also have their own line of unique T-shirts and crystals if you are searching for one.

5. Jessica McCormack

You can get your hands on some of the most exquisitely beautiful diamonds at Jessica McCormack’s boutique in Carlos Place, London. The boutique is a Georgian five-storied townhouse that looks more like an art gallery or a private home than a run-of-the-mill boutique. 

Amongst contemporary art, antiques, a self-playing piano, and old books, you will find the boutique’s gorgeous diamond jewellery showcased in glass frames.

So, when in London, make sure to explore the New Zealand-born designer’s work, who has a great eye for modern jewellery with a mix of age-old jewellery crafting.

6. KJ’s Laundry

Named after the owners, Kate Allden and Jane Ellis, KJ’s Laundry has been a successful and busy spot for 12 years. The place caters to mainly females who want a New York-style bohemian feel.

You will find minimalistic yet beautiful printed dresses and shirts in the boutique by brands like Soeur, Union of London, Second Female, Natalie Martin, and many more.

7. HUB

HUB is another boutique owned by fashionable sisters catering to women who like comfy, casual, yet stylish outfits. The owners, Lou and Georgie, founded the boutique in 1996 and have been going strong since then.

You will find timeless, functional, sustainable, and fashionable clothes in the boutique from different brands like LF Markey, Girls of Dust, Kowtow, Kings of Indigo, etc. 

Moreover, they have their own British fabrics and manufacturing label, Allsea, which has the best fabrics that you will find today! 

Miscellaneous Boutiques

Miscellaneous Boutiques in London

1. Labour and Wait

You won’t believe homeware stores can be so beautiful until you visit Labour and Wait. They have a simple motto to make simple and honest designs that will be both functional and timeless.

You will find amazing modern and traditional furniture along with timeless tablecloths. If you want, you can pair it up with colored mason jars, mugs, kettles, and teapots.

Another amazing part is they also have clothing which includes workwear Gilets, one-tone aprons, Breton tops, and “seamen” style sweaters which all match the timeless but functional aesthetic of the store.

The owners decided to make the boutique timeless so people can hold on to the things they buy and not have to replace them constantly amidst changing tastes. That’s why you will mostly see vintage designs with a touch of contemporary.

2. Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon, established in 1643, is not an ordinary boutique. It is a candle store well known for its candle making skills.

Their flickering candles have illuminated famous historical places and figures, such as Mary Antoinette, Napoleon, and the Palace of Versailles.

At first, you may confuse the store for an antique shop because of its French wallpaper, decorated chandeliers, and reclaimed wooden floors. But then the dim light and the sweet fragrance of the candles will bring you back to the store’s Parisian atmosphere.

You will find Cire Trudon’s wonderful candles and room fragrance collection absolutely irresistible! At the store, you will also have the opportunity to mix-match colours to make your own candlestick.

3. Roullier White

Roullier White is a popular boutique on Lordship Lane. Although the exterior may suggest that they only sell glassware and ceramics, inside, on the shelves, you will find a whole lot of laundry stuff by Mrs. White.

They have wash bags, detergents, fabric fragrances, oven gloves, and more. Want to be surprised even further? They even have a fantastic line of perfumes at the shop’s back in their small perfumery. 

All things considered, we guarantee that you won’t be leaving the boutique soon!

4. Indian Summer

From the name, you must have guessed this store is bright, sunny, and full of colours! You are absolutely right!

Ruth Green started the boutique in 2004, making it accessible with everything you might need. The shop front is a cute candy-floss pink and decorated with plush toys, soft rugs, and pastel shades.

If you want a one-stop boutique, Indian Summer is one of those boutiques in London that should be on your list! It sells womenswear, jewellery, children’s and baby’s necessities, bath and body commodities, homeware, and party and Christmas stuff.

To be honest, the boutique is truly magnificent because it contains trendy and premium items across scores of categories. 

5. Momosan

If you are looking for a pottery collection that is something out of the ordinary, Momosan has a great collection that deserves your attention!

It is a minimalistic, pastel-shaded boutique with miscellaneous items. The whole aesthetic also serves to give you a feeling of Japan.

The owner, Momoko Mizutani, handpicks all the items in the boutique and prioritises handmade craftsmanship and natural fabrics. You will find Mizuyo Yamashita’s cylindrical pottery, Jochen Holz’s textured glass, and many more hand-made soaps and incense.

Other than that, the boutique also has a collection of international items from Brazil, Finland, and Austria.

Moreover, the goal of Momoko is to bring the traditional fashion, arts, and crafts of Japan to you. And this is a goal that she wonderfully achieves through this remarkable boutique. 


It’s no secret that London is a shopper’s paradise in more ways than one! But if you are only there for a short trip or need something totally out of the box, you may be unsure where to look. 

Well, these are the best and most unique boutiques in London. You should explore as many of them as possible, and we can assure you that you will return satisfied!

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