English History: Kings, Queens, Castles & Churchill

English history is full of fine deeds, great leaders, bloody battles and massive personalities.It’s also a major drawcard for visits to England. So we thought we’d highlight some of the posts for those interested in this aspect to English life.

So what do we cover?

Kings And Queens Of England

The first group of articles focuses on the monarchs who did so much to shape the country during their rule.

From the long successful reigns of the Elizabeths and Victoria (women have been much more successful at the job on the whole), the turmoil of Charles I’s beheading or the tyranny of Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries the story of the Kings and Queens of England is, in many ways, the story of England itself.

So who were these monarchs? Well, our first featured article is a guide to them all – from William The Conquerer in 1066 to the present day. We’ve also done some posts on specific monarchs:

English Historical Sites

England is packed with reminders of its history –all those castle ruins, battle sites and the like.

We’ve featured quite a few such places on the site. Here are some of the most popular:

Recent History

English history isn’t just battles, kings and castles.

We’ve featured several people and event from more recent years (ie the past 100 years or so).