London: A One Day Culinary Adventure

With an amazing variety of destinations and delicious food options, from fancy breakfasts, pub lunches to classic cuisine, London can be a veritable oasis for American travellers. Of course, a day out on the town exploring known and little-known tourist attractions is made even better with the right food to fuel you.

Let’s create that perfect agenda, along with options for three delicious London meals.


London Culinary Adventure

If you’re looking for a unique breakfast venue with artistic appeal, look no further than Pierre Gagnaire’s gastro-brasserie, Sketch.

(We’ve seen Sketch before as a great afternoon tea in London venue.)

A floor composed of close to 100 marble tiles collected from around the world graces the dining room; combined with an award-winning French chef, a meal here feels like a globally religious experience.

With breakfast elements such as tomato concassé, spinach coulis and fresh-squeezed sweet pepper juice, Sketch’s dining room (known as “The Parlour”) serves up mouth-watering and unique options that any gourmand will enjoy.

Start your day of exploring with a truly adventurous breakfast experience.

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Morning Adventure

As the sun continues to rise over the city, head off to your first adventure of the day: The Ruins of St. Dunstan-in-the-East. This church – which we’ve featured before as one of the historic London churches – was destroyed during the London Blitz, the bombing that took place during the Second World War.

While the church is gone, the hauntingly beautiful remaining structure has been converted into a gorgeous public garden, perfect for an early morning in the city.

Fans of “The Secret Garden” will undoubtedly feel at home here, as the remains are tucked away surprisingly close to the modern city.

Halfway between the Tower of London and the London Bridge, this lesser-known landmark is a great hidden treasure in a city of famous attractions.

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Who needs a sit-down lunch when you’re on the go?

London is blessed with an emergent street food culture, which is a great option when touring the town. Bites from around the world are parked in many neighborhoods, offering worldly fare to world-weary travellers.

Looking for an Argentinian grill? Try Buen Ayre on Broadway Market.

From sirloin to pork sausage, sweetbreads to black pudding, the generous portions are matched with an equally-generous wine list.

Looking for a burrito to keep you company on your walk? Luardos offers Mexican street food at Kings Cross and Brockley Market. Fresh salsas and slow-cooked meats combine for simple yet delightful wraps that are perfectly portable. Make sure to try their popular chicken burrito with guacamole and chorizo for a real treat.

Street Kitchen (with locations in Devonshire Square, Finsbury Avenue Square and Battersea) will satisfy your need for local cuisine. Dishes such as grass-fed burgers grace their menu, and their Bistro Boxes with options of hot smoked salmon, soft poached eggs, or braised chicken will leave you satisfied and ready to get on with your day of London sightseeing.

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Afternoon Adventure

After your delicious lunch of London street food, head to the little-known Little Venice.

This city gem is set at the confluence of the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals, and offers residents and villagers alike a chance to enjoy the waterside life.

Hop on a boat for a trip down an Italian-style canal or walk along the pleasantly winding canal-side path and do some people-watching at the al fresco eateries and cafes.

Check out the opening and closing of the locks or appreciate the diverse boat styles traversing the waters.

This hidden London attraction is sure to add a sense of tranquillity to your busy day.

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All this exploring will no doubt make your stomach growl for a relaxing and elegant dinner at one of London’s top foodie spots.

If you’ve turned your television on within the last several years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Gordon Ramsay, the tough-as-nails British chef making a splash in the states.

His self-titled restaurant on Hospital Road (“Restaurant Gordon Ramsey,” of course) holds three Michelin stars and serves unparalleled French cuisine.

Their celebrated chef will prepare meals right in front of you at The Inspiration Table, including dishes such as lobster ravioli or pressed foie gras.

Don’t forget dessert! Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s caramelized apple Tarte Tatin or lemonade parfait made with honey and bergamot are both perfect ways to end your foodie day.

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Finally, what’s a London holiday without a good, old-fashioned pub crawl?

This bustling city has plenty of nightlife to enjoy, and many companies offer consolidated tours of several fun pubs. For example, London Pub Crawl gets participants free entry into five different venues alongside fun, charismatic hosts.

london pub

Other companies, like London Gone Wild, boast drink deals and free shots. No matter what company you choose, you’ll be sure to finish your adventurous day in the city with an exciting night on the town.

Or you could just visit one of the pubs mentioned in our London pub guide

Worldwide cuisine and local delights will fill your day with all of the delicious memories this bustling, historic city has to offer. A busy day of sightseeing and eating in London is indeed one to enjoy and remember. From a morning of fancy French cuisine to a fun evening pub crawl, your trip is sure to offer you plenty to write home about.

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