Stratford Upon Avon – Shakespeare’s Gorgeous Home

Stratford upon Avon in the centre of England is a lovely market town on the river Avon, with an illustrious former resident: William Shakespeare.

The Bard was born and grew up here, returning after a successful stint in London’s theatrical community.

The town is proud of its famous son and it’s a great place to visit if you’re at all interested in his life, plays or just some well preserved medieval architecture.

Here then is a list of things to do in Stratford Upon Avon and see – not all Shakespeare related – if you’re lucky enough to visit.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Shakespeares_Birthplace. Stratford upon avon
Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Born in April, 1564, Shakespeare is known worldwide for his plays from comedies to tragedies, each telling a story and weaving a tale not to be forgotten.

Visit the place where it all began and learn about his life and the people who shaped his early years, including his wife, Anne Hathaway.

Throughout the tour, rare artefacts are on display as guides dressed in period costumes provide details about the home in the centre of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 1

With a visit to Anne Hathaway’s cottage, you will step back to a place in time where love blossomed and bloomed for William and Anne.

The more than 500-year-old cottage was not only the family home, it was also the meeting place for the young lovebirds prior to their marriage.

Soak up the historical vibes while perusing the original furniture and accessories before taking a stroll through the gardens and sculpture trail. 

Mary Arden’s Farm

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 2

A visit to this farmhouse takes you to the home of Mary Arden, the future wife of William Shakespeare.

At the farm, you will see life as it was during that time. It is a fun and educational experience for all ages.

Throughout the farmstead, there are signs of what life was like, animals to see, even a falconer to show you how to work with the beautiful birds. 

Shakespeare’s New Place

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 3

Another of the homes intertwined with the Bard’s history, is Shakespeare’s New Place. This destination, in Stratford-upon-Avon, is where the playwright lived until his death in 1616.

Owned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the home no longer exists, but the acreage has been turned into a beautifully detailed garden where travellers walk the same pathways as the man himself.

Throughout the site, along with the gardens, there are inspired sculptures and commissioned artworks.

Holy Trinity Church

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 4

This centuries-old church has a long and colorful history. Situated along the Avon, construction of the present day church began in 1210.

The beautiful architecture of the church and the serene waterfront setting are eye-catching as well as inspirational.

The church is open to the public for those interested in history, as this is the place where Shakespeare was baptized and where he and his wife Anne, and other family members, are buried.

The Swan Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 5

When visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon, one thing not to miss is a performance by The Royal Shakespeare Company.

The talented group does an excellent job of bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

The Swan Theatre, which is just to the side of the main Royal Theatre building, and The Other Place, also have performances throughout the year. 

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 6

A visit is a visual delight as you watch hundreds of tropical butterflies flit and flutter around plants and waterfalls. Stand amid the colorful canopy as the tiny artist’s palette of colors enjoys its habitat.

Throughout history, many cultures have attached symbolism and meaning to the butterfly. Should one land on you, it can mean good things to come in your future. 

Shakespeare’s Distillery

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 7

When the adults need a break for tasty refreshments, a visit to Shakepeare’s Distillery will definitely hit the spot.

Their handcrafted gins and rums carry the spirit of Tudor history in every sip. Relax and enjoy a distillery tour, sample the goods, or take a gin tasting cruise. The award-winning distillery is sure to please the palate. 

Old Thatch Tavern

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's Gorgeous Home 8

For those who prefer a laid back atmosphere where history abounds, the Old Thatch Tavern is not only a quaint place for a cool libation, it is also a historical landmark. The tavern has been serving customers since 1470.

After a visit to the Bard’s birthplace, stop in at the tavern just a short walk away. 

Whether you plan to travel to the United Kingdom or plan to peruse the many historical places via the internet, enjoy the walk through history at your leisure.

Stratford-upon-Avon offers a wealth of interesting things to see, do, and experience that promise an adventure and a journey you won’t soon forget. 

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