How is London in December?

London Weather in December

While the days become shorter, the temperature drops and the nights grow longer in December. But December in London is not a dull place. 

Christmas activities and sparkling Christmas lights bring London to life. No matter how you choose to spend December days in London, you’re sure to discover something unique and memorable. 

You can enjoy the splendor that this global city has to offer in December by warming yourself in one of the classic pubs, exploring Christmas markets, or any of the other special winter attractions! 

Weather in December

• 44° F is the typical daytime temperature (7°C)

• 37° F on average for overnight temperatures (3°C)

• Days with sun or partial sun: 18

• Days with rain: 13

How to Dress

• Ensure that you wear a warm coat and boots for the winter.

• Make sure you wear multiple layers of clothing and warm boots, mittens, and ear muffs.

• Don’t forget to bring your rain gear, including an umbrella, a lightweight raincoat, and a pair of well-cushioned, water-resistant shoes.


London comfortably ranks among the most visited cities on the planet, with about 20 million visitors annually. 

London is simple to travel to, but several solutions are available if you choose not to walk to your destination.

The London Underground

The London Underground

The most well-known and oldest metro system in the world, the London Underground is the fastest way to get about. The Tube has nine zones and a total of 11 lines. 

The London Underground is typically open from 5 AM to 12 AM, although on Friday and Saturday, there are additional services available. The London Underground has a wide range of fares depending on the time of day and the distance you travel. 

Purchasing an Oyster Card is the most convenient way to use the Tube. You may buy these rechargeable cards at any station. You can load as much as you like onto your Oyster Card, which you can then scan at the Tube station and travel to your desired locations. Compared to single-tube tickets, it is far more affordable to use.

Traditional London Taxis – The Black Cabs

The famed Black Cabs of London are readily available throughout London’s central area, as well as near important train and bus stops and Heathrow Airport. When trying to hail a car, please ensure the “taxi” light in front of the cab is turned on. 

In London, there is a £3 minimum fare for all metered taxi services. Even though it’s not compulsory, most Londoners usually round up the fare, and tips are always appreciated.

What to Do in London in December

Night street view of London

1. Buckingham Palace Guard Changes

The Change of Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace is one of the most fascinating attractions in London in December. It starts at 10:45 AM outside Buckingham Palace and lasts for almost 45 minutes, with the handover taking place at 11:00 AM. 

After witnessing the event, if you want to learn about it in greater depth, you can avail yourself of the Change of the Guard walking tour.

2. Trafalgar Square and Christmas Trees/Carols

Trafalgar Square, London, UK

Experience London’s Christmas charm at Trafalgar Square! Enjoy this moment watching the renowned Norwegian Christmas tree’s dazzling lights flickering on and off.

Norway has been donating the Christmas tree to Britain each year since 1947. 

As Christmas approaches, you can even join in on the carols. As you can perhaps already imagine, appreciating Christmas does not get any more wholesome than this! And the best part is that attendance is completely free.

3. The Snow and Hogwarts

To experience Hogwarts during the winter, you can explore the Warner Bros. Studios in London. Hogwarts in the Snow is one of the busiest winter destinations in London, with the Great Hall decorated with long tables filled with treats like flaming Christmas pudding and Christmas trees. 

You can also witness a Yule Ball held in the snow and an orchestra composed of enchanted instruments.

4. Christmas at Kew Gardens

Consider spending Christmas at the Kew Gardens when you’re seeking things to do in London in December. Christmas at Kew, located in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew, is a mile-long trail with more than a million lights. 

The stunning light show features live performances in addition to the laser garden, sculptures in the fire garden, and a lake dotted with more than 300 shimmering origami boats. The Cathedral of Light tunnel, which is more than 100 meters long, is the centerpiece of Christmas at Kew.

5. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Night view of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London, UK

Experience the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, one of London’s most renowned parks. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is an excellent destination for families, offering ice skating, kid-friendly entertainment, and a variety of thrilling fair attractions. 

Along with ice sculpture classes, the Giant Observation Wheel, and performances like Peter Pan on Ice. A Hyde Park landmark, Winter Wonderland also has the Secret Forest of the Magical Ice Kingdom.

6. Southbank Center Winter Festival

The Southbank Centre is turned into a Winter festival over the holidays, with a wide variety of seasonal markets, performances, and entertainment venues lining the banks of London’s renowned Thames River. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best things to do in London in December! 

Along with plenty of mouthwatering delicacies and piping hot beverages keeping you warm while you enjoy the festival, you will find tons of shops to purchase winter gifts for your loved ones. 


If you don’t mind the cold and the snow but rather revel in them, London in December can be truly magical! The city lights up and really comes to life during the month as the city prepares for and celebrates Christmas. 

The environment is festive, the prices are low, and it’s a great time to explore the real character of the city in the absence of the crowds of tourists.

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