Weather in London in September

London Weather in September

Tourists contemplating a visit to London overlook September, although it is one of the best times to visit.

But why? 

Well, you can get the summer vibes for the first two weeks, and then fall starts! There will be sunny and rainy days throughout the month. So, the weather usually stays warm enough to enjoy fashion, architecture, nature, and music festivals, among other attractions. 

In this article, you will learn everything about the weather in London in September, which will help you decide whether this is the right time for your trip and, if so, what you should include in your itinerary and what you should pack. 

An Overview of Weather in London in September

In early September, you may experience the last few days of summer in London. The temperature rarely goes below 15°C or higher than 26°C.

Early in September, temperatures in the evening and the early hours of the morning range from 13-14°C. However, by the end of the month, temperatures during those hours drop to 11-12°C. 

The average temperature from sunrise to sunset is most likely to hover within the range of 22-26°C. So, even though you might feel a little cold early in the morning, the weather will become warmer eventually, and you will be able to experience a pleasant temperature throughout the day. 

The scenario changes towards the end of the month as London prepares to welcome autumn. The average temperature begins to rise, and the evenings tend to get much colder. So, before embarking on your trip, make sure you check the day-by-day weather forecast and time your trip well. 

Rain Update in September

a rainy day street in london

Even though September is considered one of the warmest months on the calendar, it’s also surprisingly marked by significant amounts of rain. Around half of the month is characterised by some amount of rainfall. So, it may very well be the case that a completely bright and sunny day may be followed by a gloomy and rainy day. 

Around 49mm of rain is expected every September, slightly more than the average in August. During the first week, it typically rains the most. After the first week of September, you may experience moderate to frequent rainfall. 

So, if you wish to avoid the rain, you should book your trip to London during the last two weeks of September. In case that is not possible, and rain prevents you from planning too many outdoor activities, you can also enjoy many indoor activities; for instance, you can revel in the spectacular views from London’s Sky Garden

Cloud Condition in September

In September, the median cloud coverage in London stays around 68%, which ramps up as the month progresses. 

The median cloud coverage stands at around 66% on September 1, rises to 68% by September 11, and then rises again to 70% on September 19. By September 30, the percentage usually drops to 69%. 

These percentages, backed by historical data, show that an almost constant presence of fog and clouds are a constant feature of the weather in London in September. The mist may fade as the sun rises, but the clouds usually remain.

It is better to plan outdoor activities later in the morning and other activities in the evening. In that way, you can enjoy the outdoors when it’s sunny and, say, dance away the night at one of the many vibrant nightclubs in London when it’s raining outside. 

Humidity in September

If you find humidity a massive nuisance, there’s good news for you; the weather in London in September is dry throughout the month. The average humidity is 76% humidity on average. Therefore, ensure you take your moisturiser with you when packing. 

What Should Be in The Luggage?

In September, the tourist crowds begin to subside a little bit. So you may not need to book flights and hotels too much in advance. If you’re on a budget, though, you should book one of the best mid-price hotels in London as soon as you possibly can. 

Taking into account the weather in London in September, you should pack clothes for both warm and slightly cooler temperatures. Moreover, grab an umbrella or wet coat that will protect you from sudden rain.

Pack Warm and Comfortable Clothing

In London’s weather in early September, a simple windbreaker or sweater may be sufficient protection against the early morning as well as late evening chills. At the end of September, you may also need to wear them in the afternoon. 

You may not need to bring rain boots. However, make sure you have two pairs of walking shoes. They will be tremendously helpful if you plan to walk a lot. 


While it’s not the most favoured season among tourists, many people love to visit London in September because of the temperate weather. 

The weather in London in September is neither too hot nor too cold, and you can avoid rainfall if you visit at the end of the month. Best of all, you can experience both the bright sunny days and the slightly gloomy rainy days of London on the same trip!

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