Weather in London in May: Enjoy Spring

Weather in London in May

Do you know why the weather in London is known for being dramatic and unpredictable? Because it rains roughly all year round and for half of each month, even in the spring and summer seasons.

Nonetheless, the weather in London in May is ideal since the temperature is pleasant, there is little rain or snow, and the city parks are adorned with blooming flowers and greenery.

Because of the long days and relatively pleasant sun, you should plan your trip to London in May. However, you will discover that many tourists think like you. 

As a result, you should expect crowded streets and higher hotel and airfare prices, among other inconveniences. But those things are small sacrifices you need to make to enjoy the delightful and comfortable weather you can experience during this time. 

An Overview of Temperature in May

Even though May is the time when you can consider spring to have fully begun, the weather in London in May tends to be rather cold. It is better to expect temperature ranges from chilly to moist to pleasantly warm, with average temperatures ranging from 8°C to 16°C. 

Even though there are rainy days, the average daily sunshine increases to over six hours, resulting in the days beginning to lengthen. So, with 209 hours of sunlight, May is an excellent time to visit London.

Average High Temperature: 16°C/ 60.8°F

Average Low Temperature: 8°C/ 46°F

You should remember that the nights in the city will be colder and can go down to 9.2°C or 48.56°F.

1. Rain Update of London in May

There is less chance of rainfall in May compared to other months of the year. 

In May, London experiences roughly 55mm or 2.5 inches of rain on average. So there may be occasional bursts of rain during the day, but that should not dampen your holiday. 

During May, the humidity level is also the lowest, so that is yet another reason to visit London in May. 

2. Snow Update of May

London gets tourists and visitors almost all year round. However, in May, tourists love to visit the biggest city in Europe because of the weather in London in May. It rarely snows or rains in spring.

What to Pack for Traveling in May?

Irrespective of when you go to London, you should have an umbrella as misty days and rain can arise, often inexplicably out of nowhere, in London at any time. 

1. Prepare for Rain

In London, having an umbrella is a must. Although it rarely snows in May, you will still get drenched with the sudden shower. Therefore, pack lightweight waterproof coats or jackets.

2. Pack Comfortable Shoes

Go ahead and pack high heels if you can comfortably walk in the rain wearing them! Otherwise, it would be wise to wear sneakers or rain boots to be on the safe side. But you can go ahead and pack some of those lovely high heels too because the weather in London in May poses very little risk of rain. 

3. Wear Layers

Since the weather pattern of London is hard to predict, think of getting your clothes to protect yourself from the chilly windy weather during the rain and your pretty dresses to wear on sunny days.

Places to go in May

street view in london

Another thing to remember is that it is practically impossible to avoid crowds in London. Besides being one of Europe’s largest cities, London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in England, so no matter what time of year you come, you’ll be surrounded by people.

You can participate in outdoor activities, for example, walking and cycling on the streets and national parks in London. 

If you are short on money, check out this quick guide to take a tour in London on a budget.

You can watch a game of football, a wooden puppet show of Punch and Judy, and flower shows.

There are many places you can visit in May but you must have the following tourist attractions on your list.

1. The Tower of London,
2. Hyde Park,
3. British Library,
4. National History Museum,
5. The Shard.


Before booking your flight tickets and hotel for your upcoming spring trip to London, you should check the weather forecast. And if you are worried about the weather in London in May, you can expect pleasantly warm days as summer is near. Still, be on the safe side, and don’t forget to take your umbrella with you!

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