Weather in London in March

Weather in London in March

People who wish to visit London often ask the same old question- ‘When is the perfect time to visit London?’

The question makes sense, as the weather in London is pretty unpredictable. You may have muddy rain all day long or a bright sunny day. But generally speaking, nature blesses the weather in London in March with the shining sun, buzzing bees, colorful flowers, and fresh green leaves all over the city from March to May.

Therefore, many tourists think spring is the best time to enjoy sightseeing in London. And that is why millions of people start their tour in March till May as long as the spring lasts.

An Overview of Weather in London in March

The average temperature in London throughout March on most days is likely to be around 6.7°C/44°F.

The maximum temperature tends to be around 10.3°C/ 50.6°F.

And the expected minimum temperature should be around 3.1°C or 37.6°F.

There may also be rainfall in March, which is not surprising for the weather in London. You can expect an average rainfall of about 47mm or 1.9 inches.

At the beginning of the month, the temperature will probably fluctuate between 40-49°F.

In mid-March, the temperature will likely fall between 41/42°F to 51/53°F.

And at the end of March, the temperature will rise gradually to stay between 43 to 54°F.

Since in March, the weather of London gradually transitions from the coldness of the winter and moves towards the spring, you may not be able to experience the full warmth of spring until April or so. Here is a reference to make you understand what to expect.

The weather may get cold as the night approaches, but you will not freeze. As for the daytime, you may feel slightly cold, but you will be fine and comfortable with the proper clothing. 

Cloud Condition in March

One thing is sure: seeing a bright sunny sky with no clouds in London is incredibly rare. Even on the hottest days, the sky stays partially gloomy, with a chance of rain anytime.

As a result, you may encounter cloudy skies virtually the entire month, and you will have to wait until the end of March to enjoy completely clear skies in the beautiful city of London.

Rain Update in March

London weather in March is always marked by the lingering possibility of rainfall, so you should expect some rainfall if you visit in March. 

Expected Snowfall in March

February has the most snowfall in London. It will undoubtedly decrease in March, but you may still encounter some snowfall. So you can expect the winter to drag on until mid-March due to snowfall.

You could be stuck in 7mm of snow on average. It will not keep you from enjoying the festivities occurring in March, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, or even a brief walk in London’s parks, but it may dampen your holiday just a little bit. 

What to Pack?

Woman packing her luggage

If you visit during March, you will have to struggle with snow and rain in London until the perfect spring arrives, so pack accordingly. Here is a list of what you must carry as far as clothing and accessories are concerned: 

1. Don’t forget the Rain Gear

You can expect to encounter quite a significant amount of rain during March, sometimes even for days on end. As a result, anytime you leave your hotel to explore London, bring an umbrella, a rainproof jacket, and wet boots with you.

Pack a lightweight umbrella in your purse or backpack so you can dress appropriately for your date night and avoid the wrath of unexpected rain!

2. Pack Warm and Comfortable Clothing

You should choose your clothes wisely depending on how long you plan to stay in London. Pack long-sleeved blouses, thermals, sweaters, and light coats or jackets to prepare for a sudden shift in the temperature.

If you stay long enough to enjoy the mostly clear skies of April and May, you can pack your favorite attire without fear of being drenched. 

Places to Visit in March

Now that you’re ready to begin your trip, begin with Buckingham Palace, one of the most popular tourist destinations. After that, you can spend the pleasant nights of March with your loved ones at Westminster Abbey and London’s theaters, among other destinations. 

Other places and events that acquire special significance during March include the London Zoo, Kew Gardens, and the St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations spread across the city. 


Even if you forget to check the weather prediction on a particular March day, you should never leave your umbrella at home while visiting London. According to some travel experts, March is the last month to truly and peacefully enjoy the city before the tourists start flocking in.

So, if there is a little rain and snow, don’t worry; pack your luggage and book your trip asap!

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