The Cities Of Northern England

Our profile of the cities of Northern England including Manchester, York & Liverpool and the other English cities in the North.

We’ve done posts on many of them and have included the links if you want to know more about any of them.

(We’ve also recently done a post on towns and cities in Southern England).

In the meantime, enjoy:

Manchester (incl Salford)

manchester north england

Manchester in North West England was the centre of the cotton textiles industry for many years.

The industrial revolution brought technology such as the spinning jenny – a multi thread cotton spinning machine – which enabled large cotton mills to be built in the area.

The fine local buildings from the Victorian era are a testament to the wealth this brought to the region and, as we will see, many other cities of Northern England.

Just outside Manchester is Salford, a city in its own right, although it is often classed as a suburb of Manchester.

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Leeds (incl Wakefield)

leeds yorkshire

This Yorkshire city was another beneficiary of the Industrial Revolution – this time in wool.

The many hill farms in Yorkshire and around produced vast amounts of wool, a large amount of which was bought and sold in Leeds.

Just like Manchester, the resulting wealth produced many of its great buildings (and renowned shopping arcades) including its magnificent Town Hall (pictured).


The Cities Of Northern England 1

Hull, on the East Coast of Yorkshire, has been a rather unfashionable place for many years.

Badly damaged in the Second World War – it was a key British port – it struggled in the late twentieth century as its city centre was rebuilt.

However, in recent years it has seen a resurgence having been named the 2017 City of Culture. The pictured ‘Deep Acquarium’ was also opened to much acclaim.


english regions & cities

Newcastle is the largest city in the North East region of England.

It’s a university city that sits on the River Tyne which, along with its twin city, Gateshead, was a major shipbuilding and manufacturing hub throughout the industrial revolution.

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The Cities Of Northern England 2

A port city on the River Mersey in the North West of England, Liverpool is synonymous with its most famous sons: the Beatles. But it has more going for it than that.

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Bradford City Hall by John Illingworth.jpg

The city to the west of Leeds is another which benefited from the Industrial Revolution.

It’s now known as the home to one of the UK’s largest populations of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants making the city’s Asian restaurants some of the best in the UK.


The Cities Of Northern England 3

This South Yorkshire city is built on seven hills (“like Rome” as the locals say) and grew on the back of its world famous steel mills.

The decline of this one thriving industry hit the town hard (as shown in the movie the Full Monty) but has seen a resurgence through investment in the arts and local sporting teams.


The Cities Of Northern England 4

Rather unfairly Carlisle is best known for being at the end of a journey rather than a destination in its own right.

The world famous Settle to Carlise Railway is one of the world’s great engineering feats and is often the main reason people end up here.

This is a shame, because Carlisle is a lovely place with a history stretching back to Roman times. Hadrian’s Wall, for example, runs through the city.



Chester on the River Dee in North West England dates from the Roman.

However, it is most famous for its Tudor architecture, including ‘The Rows’ – city centre shops built in the Tudor style.

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The Cities Of Northern England 5

Durham is a lovely small university city just south of Newcastle in North East England.

Its most striking sight is Durham Cathedral (pictured).


Lincoln and Lincolnshire

The county town of Lincolnshire has a magnificent cathedral and lots of lovely old buildings, including Lincoln Castle, making it a sort of mini York – but out of the way.

Top tip: visit during winter for England’s best Christmas Market held near the Cathedral. A magical place to buy Christmas presents at night.


The Cities Of Northern England 6

Like nearby Carlisle, Lancaster is a North Western city with a long history close to the Lake District.

It’s overseen by the Ashton Memorial, a folly in Williamson Park built between 1907 and 1909 by the millionaire industrialist Lord Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy,


The Cities Of Northern England 7
York Minster, York, England

One of the most popular tourist spots in England, after London, York teems with Roman, Viking, Mediaveland later history.

Its many marvels is crowned by the magnificent York Minster which towers over the centre of the city.

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Sometimes overlooked in favour of its fierce rival, Newcastle, Sunderland is a proud place on the River Wear in the North East, with a strong ship building industry.

It is relatively new city (1992) and has recently had the pictured Northern Spire Bridge built over the river to improve transport links.