London Weather in July: The Sunniest Month for Activities

London Weather in July

People know London for its rain. The romanticism created around London rain is only acceptable to some because many want a sunny day to explore the fantastic places in London.

No worries, because you just found a four-leaf clover month, July. The London weather in July is the hottest of the year, with minimal rain. You have plenty of sunlight this month and can finally explore London without getting drenched.

Although it will be sunny, pack some boots for the minimal rain. Because you never know when it’s going to rain in London!

Moreover, book affordable hotels early in July to catch the sunny days.

Temperature Overview of July in London

As we mentioned, July is London’s hottest month, meaning you will have more daytime than any other month. You will have 16.5 hours of daylight at the beginning of the month and 15.5 hours while reaching the end of the month.

Among the 16.5 hours of daylight, you will have approximately 8 to 9 hours of sunshine. That’s awesome for a city where it practically rains the whole year!

The temperature also stays between 18℃ to 23℃ (64.4℉-73.4℉) throughout the month, but it can vary on some mornings and nights.

The average high temperature in July: 20℃ (68℉)

The average low temperature in July: 13℃ (55.4℉)

However, you might be chilly on some mornings when the temperature drops to 12℃. But you can always grab some hot chocolate to enjoy this glorious cold London morning.

Then, on some afternoons, the temperature can rise above 25℃, and the sun will shine on your face. But you can always wear sunglasses and light clothes while exploring to beat the heat.

While talking about the temperature, here are the humidity updates for July in London. The humidity of London in July stays between 46% to 85%.

July Rain Updates in London

Now, we are back to the romantic London rain, but here you will only find updates for July month.

July is the proper summer month in London, where you will get 16 or 17, no rain, and perfectly sunny days. On the 14 other days, you will experience some rain, but it won’t be devastating. Throughout those 14 days, the city will receive an average of 41mm rain.

Moreover, the average wind speed for July is 10 to 15 mph (16-24kph). Not too bad!

Also, you won’t experience foggy days in July because the median cloud coverage stays at 63% throughout July in London. How exciting, right? Perfect for some sun-kissed pictures!

However, before visiting London, we recommend reviewing the seven days weather forecast beforehand to avoid unexpected weather updates.

Packing for July Weather in London

July is the hottest month in London, so there needs to be more advice for packing. But you can pack the following things in your backpack when you visit London in July.

1.   Light-colored T-shirts

2.   Short-sleeved Tops or Shirts

3.   Vibrant Summer dresses

4.   Shorts

5.   Casual Jeans

6.   Sneakers

7.   Boots (optional)

8.   Umbrella (optional)

9.   Windbreaker

You must bring sunscreen with you; otherwise, you might get sunburnt.

London Activities in July to Enjoy

We will give you more reasons to visit London in July. Because why not? It is almost the perfect month.

London hosts many big and exciting festivities in July, which include diversity, sports, music, dance, theatre, etc. We want to give you a heads-up on some cool activities you can join in and enjoy in July.

1. The Pride Festival

The Pride Festival of London LGBTQ+ community

Support London’s LGBTQ+ community by joining the parade on the first Saturday of July. The festival also holds concerts, theatres, parties, dance performances, LGBTQ+ acknowledgment talks, etc., throughout July.

2. The Proms

If you love classical music, you could join the Proms. It is an 8-week-long musical concert at Cadogan Hall and Royal Albert Hall, where you can witness a true classical music extravaganza.

3. Somerset House Concerts

Somerset House organizes amazing concerts every summer on the Thames river’s north bank. Here, you will get a magnificent view of the river as a backdrop while enjoying the show.

4. The Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Wimbledon Tennis Championship game from the stands

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the perfect activity for someone who likes sports. This championship has been taking place since 1877 and is the oldest tennis championship on the planet. If you want to go, it takes place in southwest London at the All England Club.

5. The Chap Olympiad

You must attend the Chap Olympiad to enjoy British sports like mustache wrestling or umbrella jousting. The Olympiad celebrates different British Quirks by featuring quirky “sporting.” It is not your typical sport, but Bedford Square Gardens hosts it yearly to give you the time of your life.


If you want to spend quality time in warm and sunny London with minimal rain to ruin your vacation, July is one of the best times to visit the city. In addition to the wonderful weather, there are tons of amazing attractions and activities that you can take part in.

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