Weather in London in August

Weather in London in August

Summer arrives in London in June and lasts until August. As a result, you will encounter pleasant and comfortable weather if you plan your trip during August. 

Although the temperature may reach as high as 40°C, the average temperature usually stays between 15°C and 23°C.  

As the temperature drops slightly at the end of the month, you may feel chills at night but don’t worry! It won’t be freezing cold, and you might even enjoy the chilly nights at the pub after a tiring day exploring scenic locations. 

An Overview of Temperature in August

While the weather in London in May goes from cold to warm, the opposite happens during August. 

August is the hottest month of the year, and the hottest day of the year falls in August. However, gradually, the weather transitions from warm to cold as the month progresses, and you can start to experience chilly evenings toward the end of August. 

Average High Temperature: 23°C or 73°F

Average Low Temperature: 12°C or 53°F

Since August has around six hours of sunlight on average, the days will feel hot. If you plan for a picnic outdoors or in a park, pack your sunscreen cause you’ll be dealing with direct sunlight. Better if you schedule your outdoor plans during the afternoon when the rays of the sun are a little less harsh. 

On the other hand, at night, the temperature can drop to around 17.8°C.

As rain is inseparable from London weather, sudden rainfall can cause a sudden temperature drop even in August. Moreover, rainstorms or thundershowers are possible in the afternoon on certain days. 

Lastly, the humidity is usually at its peak in August (ranging between 62%-95%). So, you must carefully choose your clothes and monitor your fluid intake closely. 

However, the best part about London weather in August is that your chances of roaming around the city under a clear sky are the highest compared to any other month of the year. 

What to Pack for Travelling in August?

Tower of London from the distance

While packing for a trip to London in August, you must remember that there might be sudden rain at any time of the day. An umbrella that fits your backpack may rescue you on such days. Grab that first!

Furthermore, due to the presence of high humidity, you should pick comfortable cotton or linen fabrics clothes to pack. 

You could also pick your clothes based on the places you’re planning to visit. For example, if you plan a long day of sightseeing in popular London tourist attractions or enjoy family time during the day in one of the best London parks, you can wear light clothes such as jeans and a cotton t-shirt, a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

In short, pack all of your light summer clothes, dresses, and t-shirts. A light jacket, however, will provide you with the warmth to protect you from chilly evenings, which can become quite common toward the tail-end of the month. 

Finally, in terms of footwear, make sure that you wear closed-toed shoes for the greatest comfort, especially if you want to wander around the city often.


Does the warm and wonderful weather in London in August seem enticing to you? Well, you’re not the only one! A quick reminder that July and August are the months when London welcomes the most number of travellers from around the country as well as the world. Therefore, you must book your flight and hotel room a few months in advance to get the best deals. 

Furthermore, various carnivals, such as Notting Hill Carnival and South West Four Weekender, take place in August, raising the cost of food and services. So, plan your tour accordingly, carry some extra cash, pack the appropriate clothes and be on your way to a spellbinding experience!

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