London Weather in October: Admire the Stunning Autumn Colors

London Weather in October

It is often said that summer is the peak season for traveling to London because that is the time when it rains the least. The shining sun can also energize you and encourage you to go outside and have fun. However, another month in the calendar holds a bleak yet spectacular face of London; that month is October. 

London weather in October is simply windy, wet, and wild. Wild because you may experience all four seasons in a single day! If you are lucky (which you will be, of course, on most of the days of October), you may get a clear blue sky, a little bit of rain, and some warmth as well. In other words, a perfect day to enjoy the autumn foliage! 

An Overview of London Weather in October

During October, the typical high temperature in London is around 16℃ in the afternoon and 10℃ as the night progresses. Temperatures at the start of the month may reach as high as 18℃. But it will seldom get warmer than 13℃ by the end of October.

Therefore, you may feel the weather getting colder with each day of the month. By the end of the month, the nights will feel cold, perhaps even frigid, as the temperature can drop down to single digits (7℃-8℃).

Rain Update of October

The people of London probably cannot imagine a day without rain! The weather in autumn is no exception. On average, you may expect 10-15 days of rain during the month and an average of 4.5 hours of sunshine every day. 

About Snowfall

In London, there is no snowfall from May through October. You might have to wait till the beginning of November for the first sight of snow. 

Humidity Level

The average humidity level might be around 82%, so you must wear comfortable clothing. The wind will be cold, but you may get sweaty and feel pretty sticky after a day of walking out and about town. 

What to Wear?

When you have decided to visit London, you must pack a few things regardless of the season or month. They include an umbrella, sunglasses, a thick jacket, pants, and layers to keep you warm in the chilly wind.

Other than these, you should pack dresses in dark and neutral colours; these are trendy colours in London’s clothing fashion. And if you want crimson, golden, and orange-coloured autumn leaves to form the background for your pictures, neutral colours will be a good choice!

Skirts with tops/cardigans/sweaters, or a floral print dress should be comfortable clothing for the ladies in October. And for men, pack your long coats, thick jackets, jeans, and classic trench coat for your trip to London.

Places to Go?

During the early mornings and nights, you may feel cold as the temperature stays a bit on the lower side. But the temperature usually rises when the sun shines brightly and the morning fog fades away. And there are tons of places you can visit during such warm afternoons!

Here is a list of places that the London weather in October will allow you to enjoy fully;

1. ST Dunstan-in-the-East

The most significant time to appreciate the autumn foliage at St Dunstan-in-the-East is in late October, and you will find Tower Hill and Monument stations close to the site. As the season changes, the leafy area at St Dunstan-in-the-East turns to gold and saffron. This site feels magically concealed, overgrown with bushes and palms. 

2. Notting Hill

Notting Hill Bookshop in London

Whether looking for flashes of orange and red in Notting Hill, you won’t have to look far cause it’s colorful almost everywhere.

You can start with Portland Road and Elgin Crescent. They have lovely autumn leaf colors with rustic yellow and orange.

Or you can drive up to Westbourne Grove for a few colorful corners. The famous St Luke’s Mews also comes alive with seasonal foliage in October and is well worth a visit.

3. Regent Park

The park changes its colors from green to golden in October. This former royal possession is now open to the public and happens to be one of the best places to enjoy London weather in October today! 


London weather in October is the coziest weather to explore the city and enjoy a plethora of activities that happen during this time! So, pack your bags for cold mornings and get ready to have fun experiencing Halloween, NFL London Games, London Film Festival, and many more activities.

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