Weather in London in June: The Best Time to Visit the City

London Weather in June

London’s long summer days last from June through August. Despite the fact that it’s early summer in June, the temperature can feel chilly early in the month. But not chilly enough to prevent you from enjoying all the outdoor activities.

The weather in London in June is the only time of year when people can celebrate a boisterous and outgoing lifestyle and participate in a variety of festivities throughout the city.

The extra crowd yearning for sunny days in London will not annoy you if you enjoy being with people. However, be prepared to pay a little extra while booking your tickets and hotel rooms because this time of year is a popular period for Anglophiles to visit London.

What to Expect From the Weather in London in June?

At the end of May, the temperature in London begins to rise. So, in June, you may hope to have pleasant weather, although the sky may still be cloudy.

Some people believe summer is the best time to visit London because the weather is consistently lovely and warm.

Summer temperatures in London typically range from 21𝇈 to 23𝇈 Celsius on average. Throughout the season, the city is always bustling with outdoor festivities, shows, and tournaments, making it an excellent time to visit with your family.

During June, the average high temperature in London is around 19°C/ 66.2°F. Whereas the average low temperature is 11°C/ 51.8°F.

Even though rain is typical in June, the sun will shine for seven hours, making the weather less damp and dismal than it is in the spring. So, if you don’t want to visit London when it is too gloomy or cloudy, you should visit the city in June to experience the pleasant summer vibes.

Rain Updates in June

While the weather in London in June is not particularly rainy, you can expect there to be a few days where there is some rainfall. We’re talking about London, after all. 

On average, there is usually around 77mm of rainfall in London during June. However, if the summer comes later, there could be a higher number of rainy days – as many as 10 days – during the month, which is as much as what can generally be expected in May. 

But don’t be concerned about the rain because extra sunlight will make up for it and allow you plenty of time to explore the city. It will be nothing more than a small and temporary nuisance in your gratifying holiday experience!

What to Remember While Packing?  

You may trust your unfaithful partner, but you should not trust the weather in London! Jokes apart, when in this captivating city, you will have to deal with both rainy and sunny days, and weather forecasts may be a little help in determining whether or not to wear your rain gear. So, always have an umbrella.  


You should pack under the assumption that you will get caught in a light shower of rain anytime and feel chilly. So, take your shorts, tees, sundresses, and best wear for picnics and outdoor events. And at the same time, keep a lightweight jacket (best if it is waterproof) with you in case of a sudden drop in the temperature since it is still early summer.


Unlike spring, you are not required to carry your rain boots in London while visiting in June. However, ensure that you have comfortable shoes for long walks in the park, on cobblestone streets, or on canal-side pavements.

Activities for June Weather in London

River Cruise flowing through the Thames River

Summer is a time of celebration in London since schools are closed, and families can spend time together and enjoy the long-awaited bright summer days. 

If you’ve already decided to spend the summer in London, here’s a list of things to do.

1. Enjoy a beer in the traditional breweries
2. Watch the legendary Wimbledon tennis tournament
3. View the Ashes series, which features famous cricket matches between England and Australia
4. Attend the Queen’s Birthday Parade at the Royal Palace
5. Attend musical concerts, shows, and theater productions at Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Field Day, All Points East, and Lovebox
6. Experience a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable festival at the Notting Hill Carnival
7. Go to the London Eye to see the largest crowd
8. Plan a sunset cruise with your pals or partner on the Thames
9. Indulge in traditional English cuisine, such as strawberries with cream. 
10. Finally, save museums and art galleries for rainy mornings.


Summer may not be rainy, but it will be humid and sweaty. Pack loose cotton dresses or linen materials, and be prepared to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. 

If you have time, check the weather forecast for London in June before your arrival to plan your meetings and activities accordingly. And while you can’t avoid the summer crowds, remember to pre-book your flight tickets and hotel rooms to avoid soaring peak season prices!

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